Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Father's Voice

United States Military Forces
American Patriots

It is through a little girls eyes, who grew up, with the plight of many Veteran's, whom were traumatized in some capacity, but especially, spinal chord injury's.

My Father's Voice

"Never Give Up"

Have you gone where a Veteran goes, when they need a helping hand?

Are you listening to their cries, echoing across the land?

Some went to war, some came home, many they did not

Some lay maimed in hospitals, that others have forgot.

Can you imagine how it feels, to be cleaned like a baby or hand fed your meals?

Some took drugs to ease the pain, nothin to lose, nothin to gain.

Some just gave up. Can you blame them?

I hear

My Father's Voice

"Why won't they help me?"

I am,
My Father's Voice

Semper Fi

Still carrying the torch!

I wrote this in 1989, after my Daddy passed on.

Daddy came to me in a dream, shortly after he passed.

He was no longer paralyzed. He was walking again.

In the dream, he repeatedly told me

"Never give up" "Never give up"

At the time, I didn't understand the significance of his words.

I understand now.

I have never forgotten the dream.

I will never forget, I will never give up.

In Memory of Gysgt. Edward Henry Yablinsky, author of
"Three Flags East"

Retired/Deceased, USMC, World War II, Korean and Viet Nam,
paralyzed, 100% disabled veteran


Dedicated to all men and women, who serve, have served,
fighting for our freedom.

You are Not, Forgotten!

When Daddy was alive, he gave to many Non Profit Charities and the Veteran's organizations, monthly.

He always had compassion for others and never felt sorry for himself, nor wanted pity for himself.

He was and always will be, The Few, The Proud, The Gunny!

Did you know there are many Non profit organizations in our country?

That many are Veteran's?

Who take care of themselves, and rely on donation's to assist not only veterans, but others less fortunate, in our communities?

America’s hero's need your help.

These are our hero's.

They fought for all of us

#CSINY Gary Sinise


The Paralyzed Veteran's of America,

is just one of many such organizations, helping our communities and those who have served our country.

They and their families have made "unbelievable" sacrifices for us!

Do you hear their voices?

Will you help?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment, bluestarmom. I agree with you and I'm planning on writing an entry on that now that you've brought it to my attention.

Would you consider linking to my site? I will link to yours. Let me know.

Mom said...

You got it! Just send me the info you need!

BlackJack | eMail Our Military said...

This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your support of PVA. I am a life member and Vietnam Vet. This is my first post ever and I will leave with a question.

How can one Republican Senator from Texas block passage of S 1963?

Will you support this important legislation to provide much needed care to veterans?

Token Wife said...

I loved this! My dad is Army - fought in Korea, purple heart and all!
Sorry for your loss, you pop sounds like a great man!

Donna (Texas) said...

Wonderful tribute to your Father...
Have a great day!

AriseAndFight said...

That is a very touching post. You must be outraged at what our federal government has become. A little girl in 1965... I was 9. I remember, though it didn't touch me as closely as it did you. My focus is in a different direction but God bless you in you work to reach out for our solders.

mark harger said...

TY 4 being a solid voice 4 freedom & 4 our Vets. Awesome poem! Semper Fi :)

Joseph said...

My dad was a WWII Vet also he fought in 7 battle campaigns from Anzio to Normandy His brother my uncle was killed at the battle of the Casserine Pass in North Africa.
What really bothers me the most is how complacent this country has grown to the cost of freedom.
Sorry if I offend any but we belly ache when we lose a couple of hundred men a month in Afgahistan. And the loss of life if even 1 is a terrible thing but when our fathers died tens of thousands in one day defending our freedoms it just irkes me that we are ready to pull out of Afgahistan when our enemy is still alive and well just waiting for the politicians to lose their resolve

2-Blue-Star-Mom said...

I understand what you are saying Joseph! I don't like our troops being put in harms way, anywhere or anytime. What concerns me is the tremendous influx of people coming across our borders and the violence they bring with them. Many of them are being trained by hezbollah, terrorist and invading our nation. We need to protect our borders from anyone who wants to kill us.

Dee said...

Need to update

sweettea said...

OMG So beautiful GOD WILL ALLOW you to become a BSN-RN because you deserve it, read your story about your dad and I know that he is proud of you and all that you have done already, keep the FAITH and NEVER give up you already GOT it accomplished in the spirit just waiting on it in the natural realm. MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND FOREVER KEEP YOU G from Texas

Anonymous said...

I'm my father's son. I'm Edward Henry Yablinsky Jr. I believe that I must set the record straight in Honor of my father's memory this memorial weekend. Fist my father joined the USMC 1946 at the age 18 therefore he was not a WWIl vet maybe a post war vet. He was an Korean vet. Which he received an Bronze Star I believe it was for volunteering to fight up ln the front lines to revenge his younger brothers death who was killed at Heart Break Ridge. He was in the In the Mews papers for this valor. Occurs my mom was pissed she was pregnant with older brother who latter served with the distinguished 173rd Airborne in 1970 he received a purple heart. Now back to my father he was not a Vietnam vet he was an Vietnam era vet. He had orders 1965 for Vietnam but got into a car accident and was paralyzed from the chest down with 19 years with the Marines'. He never took pain pills or drank to wash his troubles away. He said that he wanted to set an example for his kids
I was raised with my father longer than mu siblings. I never heard him complain about the US government and treatment that he received. In fact he was very grateful. I'm an Army era vet. I don't go to the VA hospital because I'm provided health insurance with my current employer. I hate the way though how some vets take advantage of this system example 90% disability check for sleep apnea. I have sleep apnea and never applied. My dad had honor not how to take advantage of the system. I close with this statement SEMPER FI dad. Your loving son!!!!

Anonymous said...

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The only thing you are is a terroist and very clever word play manipulator and ruined your families as well as mine and my brothers because when ever anyone calls you on lies and deception you begin a ruthless and un relentless attack on that person as you did with me and Eddie.
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Proverbs 30:20