Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Father's Voice

United States Military Forces
American Patriots

It is through a little girls eyes, who grew up, with the plight of many Veteran's, whom were traumatized in some capacity, but especially, spinal chord injury's.

My Father's Voice

"Never Give Up"

Have you gone where a Veteran goes, when they need a helping hand?

Are you listening to their cries, echoing across the land?

Some went to war, some came home, many they did not

Some lay maimed in hospitals, that others have forgot.

Can you imagine how it feels, to be cleaned like a baby or hand fed your meals?

Some took drugs to ease the pain, nothin to lose, nothin to gain.

Some just gave up. Can you blame them?

I hear

My Father's Voice

"Why won't they help me?"

I am,
My Father's Voice

Semper Fi

Still carrying the torch!

I wrote this in 1989, after my Daddy passed on.

Daddy came to me in a dream, shortly after he passed.

He was no longer paralyzed. He was walking again.

In the dream, he repeatedly told me

"Never give up" "Never give up"

At the time, I didn't understand the significance of his words.

I understand now.

I have never forgotten the dream.

I will never forget, I will never give up.

In Memory of Gysgt. Edward Henry Yablinsky, author of
"Three Flags East"

Retired/Deceased, USMC, World War II, Korean and Viet Nam,
paralyzed, 100% disabled veteran


Dedicated to all men and women, who serve, have served,
fighting for our freedom.

You are Not, Forgotten!

When Daddy was alive, he gave to many Non Profit Charities and the Veteran's organizations, monthly.

He always had compassion for others and never felt sorry for himself, nor wanted pity for himself.

He was and always will be, The Few, The Proud, The Gunny!

Did you know there are many Non profit organizations in our country?

That many are Veteran's?

Who take care of themselves, and rely on donation's to assist not only veterans, but others less fortunate, in our communities?

America’s hero's need your help.

These are our hero's.

They fought for all of us

#CSINY Gary Sinise


The Paralyzed Veteran's of America,

is just one of many such organizations, helping our communities and those who have served our country.

They and their families have made "unbelievable" sacrifices for us!

Do you hear their voices?

Will you help?